Badloom (Also "Bad") the Breloom is one of three original members of the Crew, along with Trek and Guile. He has no official crew duty, but is a skilled craftsman and makes necklaces for his friends.

Badloom was a major character in every arc before memories, but his infrequent appearance has rendered him to more of a minor character in later arc.

Badloom has connected multiple outsiders to the crew, serving as a mutual friend to close allies such as Eli and Blaze.


Badloom takes the standard appearance of a Breloom. His large mushroom cap is a popular resting spot for small Pokemon.

Bad also wears a Grass Gem necklace that he made for himself, much like the ones he makes for his friends.


Badloom generally wears a jolly, goofy attitude, and can be seen as the group prankster. He loves to pull jokes on other members, especially Guile, usually using Spore. He is generally rather upbeat and laughs a lot, taking an optimistic attitude on most issues. He will occasionally get short with visitors to the cave if annoyed, but it is extremely rare to truly see him angry. He's also rather hyper and sporadic, often taking things to extremes even when not necessary.

Badloom is especially fond of hooking people up, usually through unconventinal means. Notably, he was able to convince Guile to ask out Gale after failing to marry the two on impulse. He continues to make efforts to hook up other members of the group, but has not struck success yet.

Badloom often exhibits a crush on Mandy, but has not yet taken action upon it.

Known Pre-Group HistoryEdit

Nothing is known about Badloom's history before joining the group.

In BattleEdit

For battling, Badloom adopts a standard Breloom strategy: very offensive, fast, and centralized around the move Spore to set up. It is extremely rare to see him go for any move other than Spore first, which he usually follows with a flurry of Power-Up Punch attacks or Technician-boosted Bullet Seed attacks.

His style has been met with great success for 1v1 battles, but it lacks a bit when outnumbered. Since he can easily sedate his opponents, it allows him to set up for either a singular takedown or even a sweep, given the correct circumstances.


  • Power-Up Punch
  • Bullet Seed
  • Rock Tomb
  • Spore