Blaze (Bottom Right) & Zoro (Top Left)

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Blaze takes shape of a Ninetales. She can change into many forms, but she usually takes form of Wildpaw or Charlice when changing. She was brought into The Crew by Badloom, a Breloom. She usually had a lot of problems in life, resulting in not being able to pay much attention to The Crew.


She considered her friends as her "family", but her realy family was large and contained many famous pokemon.​ The only well known particapant in her real family was Suicune, her mother. All of the legendaries were of course her cousins, but Entei was her father. Because of this, she had one uncle; Raikou. The friends she called family were Abird, Badloom, Zoro, Ahri, Shinobi and Torrent. 


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